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Naar andere talen: • lesser sac of peritoneum > DE • lesser sac of peritoneum > ES • lesser sac of peritoneum > FR Vertalingen lesser sac of peritoneum EN>NL lesser sac of peritoneu Mijnwoordenboek.nl is een onafhankelijk privé-initiatief, gestart in 2004. Behalve voor het vertalen van woorden, kun je bij ons ook terecht voor synoniemen, puzzelwoorden, rijmwoorden, werkwoordvervoegingen en dialecten Lesser sac-winged bat. This article is about the bat. For abdominal cavity, see lesser sac. The lesser sac-winged bat or lesser white-lined bat ( Saccopteryx leptura) is a bat species of the family Emballonuridae from South and Middle America

Synonyms for Lesser sac in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Lesser sac. 2 synonyms for bursa omentalis: lesser peritoneal cavity, omental bursa. What are synonyms for Lesser sac Define Lesser sac. Lesser sac synonyms, Lesser sac pronunciation, Lesser sac translation, English dictionary definition of Lesser sac. Noun 1. bursa omentalis - an isolated part of the peritoneal cavity that is dorsal to the stomach lesser peritoneal cavity, omental bursa bodily cavity,.. Ascites was seen more commonly in subdiaphragmatic location in 89 cases (89%) Sub hepatic in 86 cases (86%), Morrison's Pouch in 85 cases (85%), Paracolic gutter in 78 cases (78%), Pelvis in 64 cases (64%), Lesser sac in 11cases (11%), Interloop in 15 cases (15%). Role of computed tomography in evaluation of ascites Het omentum majus ontwikkelt zich uit het dorsale mesenterium, dat de maag verbindt met de achterste buikwand. Tijdens de ontwikkeling van de maag draait de maag 90 graden langs de as van het embryo, zodat de achterste structuren links komen te liggen, en wat voor de maag ligt rechts terechtkomt Traductions en contexte de lesser peritoneal sac en anglais-français avec Reverso Context

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lesser sac of peritoneum - Vertaling Engels-Nederland

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bursa omentalis - Vertaling Engels-Nederland

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Nederlands Engels Laijn/Grieks Extra uitleg Borst Thorax Thorax Long Lung Pulmones Rechter long 3 duodenum, anterior oppervlak van colon transversus en zijn mesenterium Lesser sac Bursa omentalis Holte beetje achter hepar en gaster Greater sac Rest van peritoneal cavity Aorta abdominalis. Voorziet organen in abdomen van. 1.Splenorenal - carries splenic vessels, tail of pancreas, stomach. 2.Gastrosplenic - short gastric arteries, left gastroepiploic a. 3.Hepatoduodenal (lesser omentum) - portal triad. a.epiploic foramen, lesser sac. Label the peritoneal compartents and passageways. slide 11 Lesser sac. Click to view more information about this term, such as editing/reviewing history, references and authors. Edit. Edit term Leiden University Medical Center AnatomicalTerms.info is a project under the auspices of the Nederlandse Anatomen Vereniging (NAV, Dutch Association of Anatomists).

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Lesser peritoneal sac synonyms, Lesser peritoneal sac pronunciation, Lesser peritoneal sac translation, English dictionary definition of Lesser peritoneal sac. Noun 1. omental bursa - an isolated part of the peritoneal cavity that is dorsal to the stomach bursa omentalis,. Noun 1. lesser peritoneal cavity - an isolated part of the peritoneal cavity that is dorsal to the stomach bursa omentalis, omental bursa bodily cavity,... Lesser peritoneal cavity - definition of lesser peritoneal cavity by The Free Dictionary. Lesser sac; Lesser saphenous vein

Define lesser omentum. lesser omentum synonyms, lesser omentum pronunciation, lesser omentum translation, postsurgical scars, and hernia sac.[sup][1],[2] Omental torsion is a relatively rare cause of an acute abdomen, which often needs surgical management.. The world's best selling ratings guide to all types of whiskey including Scotch single malt, blends, vatted malts, single grains, Irish bourbon, rye,. € 16,95. Uitverkocht. NIEUW ! Mickaël Guidot: Whisky: It's Not Rocket Science - A quick & easy graphic guide to understanding, tasting & drinking whisky Category filter: Show All (26)Most Common (0)Technology (4)Government & Military (4)Science & Medicine (5)Business (7)Organizations (10)Slang / Jargon (2) Acronym Definition LSW London South Western (railway; UK) LSW Land and Sea Warfare (US DoD) LSW Licensed Social Worker LSW Lego Star Wars (Lego Group and Lucasfilm Ltd.) LSW Library Society of the.

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2017 Rogue - als SAC Mullen - 2 afl. 2017 Shades of Blue - als Kirschner - 2 afl. 2016 - 2017 The Peter Austin Noto Show - als zichzelf - 4 afl. 2016 Shoot the Messenger - als Eric Lawson - 8 afl. 2016 Game of Silence - als Wallace Tuttle - 6 afl. 2011 - 2015 Person of Interest - als rechercheur Terney - 15 afl a recess of the embryonic celom between the right lung bud and the gut; it is normally largely obliterated before birth, leaving only the superior recess of the vestibule of the lesser peritoneal sac as a vestige

LLPO - Lesser Principle of Omniscience. Looking for abbreviations of LLPO? It is Lesser Principle of Omniscience. Lesser Principle of Omniscience listed as LLPO. Lesser Principle of Omniscience - How is Lesser Principle of Lesser sac; Lesser saphenous vein; Lesser saphenous vein; Lesser saphenous vein; Lesser Saphenous Vein Thrombophlebitis. Greater and lesser sac. What is a sac? peritoneal lined space. How is greater sac loosely defined? A large space that can be accessed by surgical incision through the anterior abdominal wall. What does the greater sac allow direct access to? To liver anterior surface of stomach Colo lesser sac. positioned posteriorly between the posterior surface of the stomach and posterior abdominal wall. how do the greater and lesser sacs communicate? via the omental bursae/epiploic foramen. which ligaments are associated with the lesser omentum? hepatoduodenal, hepatogastric

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iNaturalist Australia. iNaturalist Australia is the product of a membership agreement between the iNaturalist Network and the Atlas of Living Australia and CSIRO.. The Atlas of Living Australia is made possible by contributions from its partners. It is funded by the Australian Government's National Collaborative Infrastructure Strategy and is hosted by CSIRO Email how it is supposed to be: Free, simple and secure Manage multiple mail accounts in one place, from any device Sign up today Fissula ante fenestram. Dr Daniel J Bell and Assoc Prof Frank Gaillard et al. The fissula ante fenestram (plural: fissula ante fenestras) is a small connective tissue-filled cleft in the otic capsule of the temporal bone, not typically visible on CT. The area around the fissula ante fenestram is the usual origin of fenestral otosclerosis

omental bursa or lesser sac. in the greater omentum between the greater curvature of the stomach and the transverse colon - know the borders. gastroepiploic artery. Supplies blood to the greater omentum and stomach, can have left and right. Anterior coronary ligament The lesser omentum did not have fat except along the bile duct (ductus choledochus) near the duodenum. A case of abnormal peritoneal fold connecting the greater omentum with the liver, gall bladder, right kidney and lesser omentum has been observed (Satheesha, 2009). In non-fixed cadavers, the celiac trunkwas reached by the omentum, opening the.

Synonyms for lesser rorqual in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for lesser rorqual. 3 synonyms for lesser rorqual: Balaenoptera acutorostrata, minke whale, piked whale. What are synonyms for lesser rorqual LSF - Lesser sciatic foramen. Looking for abbreviations of LSF? It is Lesser sciatic foramen. Lesser sciatic foramen listed as LSF. Lesser sciatic foramen - How is Lesser sciatic foramen abbreviated Lesser sac; Lesser saphenous vein; Lesser saphenous vein; Lesser saphenous vein; Lesser saphenous vein; Lesser Saphenous Vein Thrombophlebitis. pelvis. 1. the large funnel-shaped structure at the lower end of the trunk of most vertebrates: in man it is formed by the hipbones and sacrum. 2. the bones that form this structure. 3. any anatomical cavity or structure shaped like a funnel or cup. 4. short for renal pelvis Definition of lesser in the Idioms Dictionary. lesser phrase. What does lesser expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary to a lesser extent, Lesser of two evils, Lesser sac, Lesser Demon. choose the lesser of two evils. To pick the less offensive of two undesirable options. I wasn't excited about going to a seminar all. Bestiary: Monster types and level appearances. By Dunatis2000. A guide showing the levels of each quest as well as the monsters and bosses that appear within and their creature type. Mainly for making the best use of Zorbu and Minsc's Specialization abilities or should creature type become a bigger issue later on

Definition of Lesser sciatic notch in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Lesser sciatic notch? Meaning of Lesser sciatic notch as a finance term omentum [o-men´tum] (L.) a fold of peritoneum extending from the stomach to adjacent abdominal organs. adj., adj omen´tal. gastrocolic omentum greater omentum. gastrohepatic omentum lesser omentum. greater omentum a peritoneal fold attached to the anterior surface of the transverse colon. lesser omentum a peritoneal fold joining the lesser curvature. Hypertrophied column of Bertin. Columns of Bertin represent the extension of renal cortical tissue which separates the pyramids, and as such are normal structures. They become of radiographic importance when they are unusually enlarged and may be mistaken for a renal mass ( renal pseudotumor ). Nomenclature of such enlarged columns is a little.

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  3. Greater sac: bevat alle ruimte tussen de darmen en aan de ventrale zijde van de maag. Lesser sac (bursa omentalis) Ruimte gelegen achter de maag. Staan met elkaar in verbinding met een gat (foramen omentale). o Peritoneale duplicatuur: dubbelwand van peritoneale wand. Official naam is mesenterium of meso
  4. al wall. omentum. double layer of peritoneum, extends from stomach to adjacent abdo

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